WWE superstar suddenly stops a live fight, honors a 7-year-old cancer survivor in the crowd

WWE superstar John Cena is one of the most recognizable faces of the organization. He has been crowned champion numerous times, and he is known for his grit and will to never give up.
During a showing of Monday Night Raw, Cena was pitted to fight against Sting, another big name of the franchise. With the spotlight on them as the main event of the evening, spectators were ready to witness an epic battle.

However, when the superstars entered the ring, they did something very special for one audience member. John Cena grabbed the microphone to recognize a 7-year-old in the crowd named Kiara Grindrod.

Grindrod had recently won the ultimate fight of all fights – a battle with cancer. She was a huge fan of Cena, and to thank her for her inspiration, Cena walked up to her and gave her a smile and a hug.

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[Source: WWE]