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She Made This Oil Mix And Killed Her Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer In 9 Months

On December 19th 2013 Sharon Kelly got devastating news: she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was told she has only 9 months to live, but her doctor presented to her videos of cases of cancer patients who experimented with cannabis oil.Sharon wasn’t very familiar with he benefits of THC in fighting cancer, but knowing that lung cancer is the most fatal of the cancer family, she didn’t hesitated and gave it a shot. She consumed 1ml per day of cannabis oil that she and her husband synthesized at home.

A lung cancer vaccine has been available in Cuba for years

There’s a lung cancer vaccine in Cuba, and Americans are finding a way to bring it stateside

Yes, you read that headline right. Not only does Cuba have a lung cancer vaccine, but they’ve had one that’s been widely available in their country since 2011. If you just went, “What? Why in the world is it not in the United States yet?” let me explain.

This Herb Kills Even 86% Of Lung Cancer Cells

Lung cancer is one of the most common causes of death. More people die from this disease, than from colon cancer, breast cancer and pancreas together.

From 75 to 80% of the cases of lung cancer come from cancer known as non – small cell lung cancer (NSCL). A study published in the journal “Pub Med” shows that parsley can be used as a cure for this terrible disease, thanks to its substance apigenin, which has the ability to kill cancer cells up to 86%.