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Coconut Oil Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger If You Use It For 2 Weeks This Way

When talking about beauty and health, it is important to know that coconut oil is one of the most beneficial ingredients. We’ll show you some important reasons for using coconut oil as a beauty product:

They Said Coconut Oil Was Great For You, BUT This is What They Didn’t Tell You

While traveling through Thailand, my partner and I joked about buying a coconut plantation because it seems that everything now-a-days is coconut based! Let’s see, you’ve got coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut shreds, coconut water, coconut milk and cream, coconut flour, and even coconut soy sauce (, it’s actually delicious)!
Coconut (C. Nucifera) belongs to the Arecaceae (Palmae) family and the subfamily Cocoideae.

Wash Your Face with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda 3 times a Week, and This Will Happen in a Month ! (Video)

You are probably aware that there are many different natural alternatives, when it comes to treating your skin. Natural alternatives are a great and popular choice for your skin care, and in this article we will show you how to make the best facial cleaning tonic.

Even The Doctors Are Shocked: Coconut Oil Kills 93% Of Colon Cancer Cells In Only 2 Days

Latest statistics show that colon cancer has become one of the most common cancer types around the world, affecting both men and women equally. This dreadful disease is taking more lives every year and modern medicine doesn’t seem to be anywhere near a cure yet. However, a group of researchers stumbled upon an amazing discovery that left them shocked and in disbelief. They discovered that coconut oil can kill 93% of colon cancer cells in just 2 days!

It’s Finally Discovered What Causes Lung Cancer! You Won’t Believe It When You Read What This Is About!

If you live somewhere in the lowlands, we have really bad news for you because – no matter if you’re in a town/city or in the village in relation to our cousins who live in the mountains – you have a much greater risk to acquire lung cancer.
Besides smoking, smog, genetics or the working life spent in a mine, one of the reasons why people in certain areas more common acquire lung cancer is believe it or not – the air that they breathe!

Why the Cannabis Coconut Oil is So Powerful and Effective?

The effectiveness in the extraction of THC is due to the abundance of saturated fat of coconut oil. Cannabinoids can be absorbed by other oils too, like butter but the absorption by coconut oil is much better. It is known that marijuana is a plant that can be used in medical purposes and finally this fact is acknowledged by the authorities. In case you didn’t know, people all over the world have used cannabis for hundreds of years and many health problems were successfully healed including inflammation, aches, menstrual pain, insomnia, swelling, anxiety, depression and many other issues.

She Gave Her Husband 1 Teaspoon of Coconut Oil, Two times a Day for a Month. You Won’t Believe What Happened!!

There are more and more people in the US who are dealing with cardiovascular diseases, obesity and type2 diabetes everytime. And according to scientists, more than 15.000,000 Americans will have Alzheimer’s by 2050. Doctor of neonatal medicine, Mary. T. Newport, was studying the last 10 years many scientific researchers about Alzheimer’s. what she discovered was that the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) found in coconut oil can potentially be a very effective cure when it comes to the treatment and slowing down of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cannabis And Coconut Oil Make Powerful Mixture To Kill Cancer Cells

Marijuana, or the female cannabis plant, has been used by humans since a long time ago. An archeological dig of a grave of a shaman in Central Asia uncovered 2 pounds of cannabis 2700 years old! Cannabis is even found in written and pictorial evidence through many cultures, indicating that it was widely accepted throughout history.

Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells in Only 2 Days According to New Study

An alternative treatment for cancer has come to light after various studies have found that it is able to effectively inhibit colon cancer.
Coconut oil has been touted for a very long time as a natural-cure all and an effective alternative to pharmaceutical treatments and medication. Although it has had years of traditional medicinal use and anecdotes to back up it’s efficacy, there has been very little scientific research conducted on it. However, new research has shown that coconut oil is a potential alternative to typical colon cancer treatment.

According to one study conducted by Adelaide University of Australia, researchers found that lauric acid, a saturated fat that is one of the main ingredients of coconut oil, was able to destroy 93% of colon cancer cells that it was tested on over a 48-hour period. This makes coconut oil a promising alternative treatment to colon cancer.

Both in vitro (in a petri dish) and in vivo (in rats) studies have been conducted on the efficacy of lauric acid on colon cancer cells, and each one provided equal results.

Coconut oil has also been found to have benefits that exceed it’s cancer-killing properties, as multiple clinical studies conducted by the American Nutrition Association have shown. According to the studies, the fats found in coconut oil “can be useful in the curing and prevention of conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, viral diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes etc.), biliary tract diseases, Chron’s disease, and cancer.”

Many people believe that, despite coconut oil’s various beneficial properties, it’s health benefits have been downplayed by big corporations. According to Ty Bollinger, a proponent of alternative medicine and host of The Truth About Cancer, food manufacturers had a large part in this.

“In the 1960’s, food manufacturers wanted consumers to buy their margarines and hydrogenated oils,” Bollinger writes. “To do that, they had to ‘discredit’ the products people had always used in their homes to prepare their food.”

Bollinger goes on to explain how it was in fact coconut oil’s “replacements” that were causing all of the health problems that companies were accusing coconut oil of causing.

“It is the very goods the food manufacturers had been pushing on their consumers for thirty years,” Bollinger writes. “The trans-fats contained in these ‘fake foods’ were incredibly dangerous to your entire body. High fat, high sugar, and high carb diets were put under the microscope and found guilty.”

Although coconut oil’s health properties are often questioned due to it’s high fat content, the type of fat that it is made up of has led most experts to disregard this sentiment, and it’s use as an alternative treatment to cancer is still being studied.

Source: http://theheartysoul.com/

Look What Coconut Oil Did To Colon Cancer Cells In Just Two Days

Colon cancer: it’s one of the most common cancers among both men and women, and although a number of natural remedies have been linked to the prevention of this disease, government health authorities are quick to mention that not enough research has been done to warrant prescribing them. This is a common theme when it comes to using food as medicine and the science behind it. It’s unfortunate that science today is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, and that most of the research received by physicians in the Western world comes directly from pharmaceutical companies.