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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Using Baking Soda

You probably have at least one box of baking soda in your home right now. If you’re like many Americans, you might have a box in your pantry for baking, one in your refrigerator to absorb odors and another under your kitchen sink to use for cleaning. What you might not have considered is that baking soda can be used for health purposes, too, so you might want to stash another box in your medicine cabinet.

Wash Your Face with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda 3 times a Week, and This Will Happen in a Month ! (Video)

You are probably aware that there are many different natural alternatives, when it comes to treating your skin. Natural alternatives are a great and popular choice for your skin care, and in this article we will show you how to make the best facial cleaning tonic.

Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment Because It’s Too Effective And Cheap

Baking soda is a white crystalline solid that appears as fine powder. It is also called cooking soda, bread soda and bicarbonate of soda. Its chemical name is sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate. The National Institutes of Health at the University of Arizona Cancer Center has proven that even the most aggressive cancers which have metastasized can be reversed with baking soda treatments. Studies have shown that dietary measures to boost bicarbonate levels can increase the pH of acidic tumors without upsetting the pH of the blood and healthy tissues. Most of the people choose chemotherapy in cancer treatment, but it is toxic to all cells in our body. It boosts cancer growth and long-term mortality rates.

By Using 1 Teaspoon Of Baking Soda You Can Repair Your Damaged Kidney Naturally!

The kidneys are one of the vital organs in the body. However, unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, as well as genetics can sometimes cause kidney damage. The most important thing when treating this condition is to first determine the exact cause. Patients should also learn about what conventional medical treatments involve so that they know how different the baking soda treatment is.

Baking Soda: Helped to Cure Cancer

Simoncini is a former Italian oncologist in Rome who developed a theory that all cancer is caused exclusively by a fungus called candida albicans.  His alternative cancer treatment is simple: To alkalise the body and tumour by the use of a cheap, common compound, sodium bicarbonate, tackling the candida, shrinking the tumour and stopping metastases. Thus it is also a natural cancer cure.

Baking Soda And This is The Worst Nightmare Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

Baking soda is commonly found in most homes around the world as a good all purpose scraping and cleaning powder, or to be used for baking purposes but there’s a good chance that you’re not fully utilizing the full potential of baking soda for your health and well-being. Baking soda is very cheap, only a few bucks and can be bought practically anywhere so to use baking soda like it can be used to treat ailments and health issues is information that the pharmaceutical industry does not want to get out.

Baking Soda And Honey Homemade Remedy That Destroys Even The Most Dangerous Diseases

How Baking Soda/Maple syrup or Honey Homemade Remedy can help you fight cancer?


There was a woman who had basal cell carcinoma skin cancer on the crown of her head and was cured with the help of her daughter who insisted that she try applying baking soda paste on the affected place.

The mother was skeptical at first but her daughter Azizo, who is an admired writer and supporter of natural remedies, convinced her after she had read many studies about people who have successfully treated skin cancer with a mixture of baking soda.

Amazing Story: A Man Uses Baking Soda to Beat Stage 4 Cancer

This is a real life story. It’s a remarkable story about a man who successfully “destroyed” stage IV cancer with just using one simple ingredient – baking soda. His name is Vernon Johnston, and he has been fighting with stage IV prostate cancer. We all know the conventional treatments of the modern medicine and how they treat cancer patients. Vernon’s standard treatment was the conventional chemotherapy sessions, and his last hope was that the chemo drugs will destroy only cancer cells and that it won’t kill the healthy cells which have remained.

Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment Because It’s Too Effective and Too Cheap

Even the most aggressive cancers which have metastasized have been reversed with baking soda cancer treatments. Although chemotherapy is toxic to all cells, it represents the only measure that oncologists employ in their practice to almost all cancer patients. In fact, 9 out of 10 cancer patients agree to chemotherapy first without investigating other less invasive options.