Strong Immune System Destroys Cancer

A Weakened Immune System Leads To Cancer…
A Strong Immune System Seeks Out and Destroys Cancer

Here are a few facts about the immune system and cancer. For most of your life, your immune system successfully fought cancerous cells, killing them as they developed. That’s its job. In fact, the only job Natural Killer cells have is to kill cancer cells and viruses.

For cancer to develop, your immune system must either be worn out, ineffective, unable to kill cancer cells as fast as they normally develop, or you must be exposed to a mass of cancer causing toxins, radiation or some such thing, that increase the rate of development of cancer cells to such an abnormally high level that your immune system can’t handle it.

Either way, it is vital to strengthen the immune system in your battle against cancer . Especially if you are getting medical treatments that wipe out your immune system.

Many natural supplements support the immune system. This is why so many of them are touted as being able to help you beat cancer. If someone has an immune system that is almost able to handle the cancer, even a poor immune system supplement can be enough to improve the immune system to the extent that it beats cancer.

Of course, for folks with more seriously compromised immune systems, this supplement or group of supplements would not work well because they are in worse shape. This is why it can get so confusing in deciding what to use. When a supplement or procedure has been used for years, especially if it is popular, you’ll hear how it has beat cancer.

But what you don’t know is if it worked 2% of the time or 15% of the time. Given the number of people who die from cancer, the success rate of most of these supplements is fairly low. In this report we try to find and recommend the supplements that work the best, so that you have the greatest likelihood of success. It is easy to squander money and more importantly time, on products that won’t get the job done.

The other concern is to make sure you do enough to wipe out the cancer. Cancer is not something to pussyfoot around with. While it is always hopeful and great to read about how someone took just one supplement and beat their cancer, and while that could happen to you, your odds of success are much higher if you take many different supplements in order to hit the cancer as hard as you can.

In order to determine which cancer fighting supplements are the most effective ones, we energetically test them for what we call their healing power. We have found this to be the most effective way of determining which supplements are likely to be the best to use. Our experience is that this works much better than taking a guess at what is good, and what isn’t as good as it sounds.

When we started doing this we were surprised at how poorly the well known supplements and procedures tested. Many had been around for years and were popular, used by many patients and naturopaths, etc. But they actually weren’t highly effective. Though they are good enough to help some people, and thus over time, produced plenty of testimonials, as you see in this report, we’ve been able to find many stronger products. Most of them new and thus unknown.

We hope you find these testing numbers useful. We retest new supplements after they have been used a while, to check how good they are proving to be after extended use. So numbers will change and emphasis too, based on real life results.

It is all too easy to waste money, taking supplements that are not as good as they seem. This testing and these recommendations will help you determine what is, in our opinion, just okay to take, and what is very good to use. Given that many of the most well known cancer fighting supplements test in the range of 200 to 300, these new supplements are the strongest immune boosting and cancer killing supplements you can get.

We will divide these supplement ratings and explanations into broad categories of similar products.

The immune system uses inflammation to get rid of killed cancer cells, whether they are killed by an herb or essential oil, by chemotherapy, or by the immune system. If you kill a lot of cancer cells fast, as you can with the top supplements on this site, the tumors these cells are in get inflamed. This is because the immune system is using inflammation to get rid of the dead cells.

This inflammation could cause pain or dysfunction — depending on its location. You don’t want swelling in the brain, the bones or in the throat, for example. In this case you need to be using products that cause the cancer cells to die a natural death, either by poisoning themselves with auto-toxicity like PrugX and BLA cause, or by causing apoptosis (natural cell death).

We had been looking at cancer fighting supplements for almost a decade and hadn’t noticed this inflammation issue until the elixirs came along to supercharge Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ and the immune boosting supplements to kill cancer cells so rapidly that the tumors were full of dead cells; and consequently the inflammation the immune system was using to get rid of all these dead cells was inflaming the tumor and swelling it up.

Which just goes to show that most cancer fighting supplements you may have read about are not near as effective as the first group of immune boosting cancer killers and other cancer killers covered on this site – the ones that brought this swelling issue to our attention.

Because these supplements work so much more strongly than ordinary supplements, the swelling was more dramatic, and it was obvious what was happening.

If T Ban is used in a 3 or 4 bottle a month dosage, swelling is not likely to happen, and you will be able to use the Swelling is Okay protocol. T Ban stimulates the removal of dead cancer cells.

But just in case, the supplements in this section are divided into two groups. Supplements in the first group include cancer killers and immune boosters that work by both killing cancer cells and stimulating the immune system to do so — along with many other cancer healing elixirs and supplements that are also used when you need to avoid swelling.

The second group of supplements in this section include immune system modulators which reduce inflammation, and other supplements that cause cancer cells to die naturally.. Use these if the swelling of a tumor would cause pain or dysfunction.

How Cancer relates to the Immune system?

Cancer was thought to be an immune deficiency disease. In order for someone to develop the disease, the immune system must have been weak which in turn allows the cancer cells to develop, mature, divide and spread. Scientists today believe that the development of cancer is not just the result of a weakened immune system.

As cancerous cells divide, they can establish characteristics that hide or defend themselves from the immune system’s recognition. Cancer cells can also mix up the signals between immune cells and send out its own messages to confuse the immune system and prevent it from responding effectively. In other words, cancer cells are very intelligent.

The cells and organs that make up the body’s immune system forms a defense shield against foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, or something as ordinary as a splinter. The specialized cells of the immune system guard and protect the body like the gladiators of Rome, and respond to invaders by calling for backup from other cells to attack and kill the bacteria or foreign cells. The body’s natural killer cells are called, Macrophages, Dendritic cells, T cells, and Lymphocytes and are specialized cells of the immune system which protect the body from infection.

The immune system has the ability to understand the difference between one of the bodies own cells and a cell of a foreign invader. The immune systems mission is to defend against attacks by foreign cells. However, the problem is that the immune system does not always recognize cancer cells as being foreign invaders. Therefore, cancer as with other diseases may arise when the immune system breaks down and does not function properly in the presence of foreign invaders.

A healthy immune system can easily and efficiently locate foreign cells. When it pertains to cancer, a cell that is dividing abnormally and showing other unusual signs should be identified just like any other foreign cell. In theory, a healthy immune system should destroy cancerous cells before they divide, multiply and overwhelm the organ. We have cancer cells swirling about in our bodies all the time, and yet not everyone develops cancer.

When cancer cells do not divide into a tumor, it is because the cells are spread out; clumsy and inefficient, making them easily defeated by a strong, organized, well nourished, and rested army of cells in the immune system. At other times the cancer cells are stronger and more organized than the immune systems’ response cells and they avoid being destroyed.