Mother beats cancer with juicing after told she only had two weeks to live!

When becoming a parent, your life changes and you start being responsible for another life. Then you realize that you cannot do a lot of things you used to. Each parent has a need to be there for their child, especially while it is young as it falls on the parents to help it understand the world. This woman Natasha Grindely, a 37-year-old mother of 2 from Liverpool was diagnosed with stomach cancer which spread to her lymph nodes, neck and almost the entire abdomen. She was told that she had less than a month to live. However, she felt the need she was yet to be beat.

The nursery teacher accepted her diagnosis and along with the husband, they started reading on cancer research, while doctors were hesitant to call the illness for what it was. Even though they were both obsessed to find alternative therapies, they cared about their two children.

They started chemotherapy due to the doctor’s advice, but were aware that there must be something else they can do. Chemo can cause more cancer. In just a few days, Natasha became acquainted with a renowned author Deliciously Ella, thus started fighting cancer with proper nutrition.

It is more than just an alternative

Her health was rapidly declining, but her radical diet change helped her greatly. She started looking better. The diet changed her outlook and also improved her emotional state. She boosted her immune system with the power of foods. It helped her as then her blood was ready for chemo. She noticed that each time she made a change in her diet, there was a positive result.

A lot of people managed to stop and cure cancer with major diet changes and juicing. They have to adjust their diet in order to minimize the artificial sugars and potentially harmful meat products while increasing their intake of only organic vegetables, especially carrots. Natasha hopes to spread the knowledge she gained in the darkest moments of her life and teach others about the power that nutrition holds.

Two years form a two weeks’ notice

It has been 2 years since Natasha was told she had two weeks of life. After that, her dedication and gratefulness to alternative treatments led her to complete a higher education degree in nutrition. She started a Facebook page where she backed up her experience with scientific arguments. She hopes that others will benefit from the power of her diet.

No one can claim that cancer can be solely cured through a diet, however, if the patient changes their diet habits it will provide many positive benefits, especially in cases where patients need to deal with terminal diseases. Diet rich in fresh and organic products powers the immune system to fight.