How The Alkaline Diet Cured My Cancer (A True We’ve Done it Story)

Anya’s brother was only 38 years old when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Doctors were surprised that a 38 year old man suffered from this type of cancer and told him that the chances of surviving it are slim. Yet with traditional treatment with chemotherapy, radiation and having a part of his colon surgically removed, he beat the cancer, but recovering from the treatment was tougher then the very fight with the disease.

But one year later, this man received another bad news – a tumor on his back has metastasized to his spine that was weaving into his spinal column toward his brain, and that was not it; he also had Squamous Cell Carcinoma. This type of cancer is inoperable and when it reaches the brain it causes horrible symptoms like seizures, loss of balance or trouble walking, vision, hear in or speech problems and headaches that go away only after vomiting. He was told there nothing to be done and was sent home to spend time with his family.

Still, having a little boy at the time, Anya’s brother refused to give up and started looking for a solution. That’s when a coworker told him about an upcoming retreat that taught how to live a health life. It was set in West Palm Florida at the Hippocrates Health institute and the instructors were the best ones in this field.

“The Gerson Therapy is based on the idea that Cancer develops when there are changes in the cell metabolism due to toxic build-up. Dr Gerson suggested people with Cancer have too much sodium and not enough potassium, which causes tissue damage and weakening of organs. The goal of this therapy is to restore the body to healthy, by repairing the liver and returning the metabolism to its normal state. This can be done through a specific organic diet, supplements and enemas to remove toxins and reboot cell metabolism. My brother had a list of foods that were low in sodium and high in potassium that he cross referenced with his alkaline diet. Mainly juicing raw ingredients for the majority of his daily caloric intake” explains Anya.

It is wrong when people think that alkaline vs acidic levels refer to the actual PH level in the food itself. For instance, lemons and limes are highly acid in their natural state but have an alkaline affect on the body. The alkaline diet involves eating minimal amounts of meat, dairy, white flour and white sugar because of their acidic nature and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and soy products.

Since cancer patients have a pH level of around 4, it is very important to alkalize the body in order to create a environment that won’t allow cancer cells to grow and reproduce.

“My brother chose foods rich in potassium, with a high alkalizing affect and only ate/juiced these items. After just two weeks on this diet/therapy, he was able to raise his body’s PH from 4 to 7.5. Our body’s ideal PH level for optimal health is 7.2, cancer cells start to die at 7.5. After a check up with his oncologist, they found that the tumor on his back (into his spine) had shrunk by 75%. Within 6 weeks of his chosen treatment, all of his Cancer (back tumor, spinal Cancer and even skin Cancer) was completely gone!” says Anya.

After 3 years, Anya’s brother is still cancer free and keeps on practicing this diet.