He Used To Be “The Strongest Boy In The World”, And 16 Years Later He Is Unrecognizable!

Native to Ukraine, Richard Sandark and his family immigrated to the United States since he was a child. Today he is 24 years old and lives in Hollywood in California, and this is and the reason is…
After moving to Pennsylvania, his father has started to train him in the gym, which resulted in the discipline and care, and Richard began to shape his body like a pro.

Both of his parents were highlights athletes, and Richard soon began with the development of professional bodybuilding career.

They called him “The little Hercules”. The downside of his medals is that he did not have a childhood like his peers. He worked daily up to 600 sit-ups and 300 push-ups.

When Richard turned 11, his father was convicted of domestic violence. It was thought that parents had a negative impact on the minor child, and that unconsciously manipulate with him. After termination of the training, Richard has become a normal kid with a normal life.

In the following video, see its transformation from a bodybuilder in a normal young man:

Source: http://atraktiva.in/2017/01/23/nekada-je-bio-najjaci-djecak-na-svijetu-a-16-godina-kasnije-je-neprepoznatljiv/