Do Not Consume These Foods – They Cause Cancer!

Almost all cancer types can be prevented, only if we are careful with what we consume. Even 70% of cancer types can be stopped if we make lifestyle changes, and food changes. So, make some diet changes and reduce the toxic chemicals, in order to prevent yourself from cancer, and to improve your health.

What are the foods which can cause cancer?

Refined Sugar

Refined sugars are causing high triglyceride levels, arthritis, obesity, heart diseases, and many health problems. Cancer cells are spreading by sugar, and they feed on sugars.


As mentioned above, cancer cells feed on sugar, and they spread faster when a person consumes sugars. For that reason, people who suffer from cancer should avoid bread, grains, pasta carbs, and some fruits.

White Flour

The grains which produce white flour are full with pesticides, toxic ingredients, insecticides. When the white flour is finally produced, it is full with unhealthy ingredients which boost the cancer so spread faster.

Not Organic Vegetables or Fruits

The vegetables and fruits which are not organic are full with GMO seeds, which are not healthy for the body.

Microwave Popcorn

These bags of popcorn which should be prepared in the microwave, are full of chemicals. When we consume it, the chemicals get into the body, and it causes problems with blood, such as it increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. The microwave popcorn contains acids which are connected with tumors in animals.

Hydrogenated Oil

This type of oil is made by the people, and it contains a lot of chemicals. These chemicals are not healthy for the body, and they can increase the risk of developing diabetes, stroke, or some heart disease.

BPA Lined Cans

This is found at the hard plastics, but it is not healthy or beneficial. It is connected with infertility, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Grilled Meat

When we grill meat, it omits fat and smoke, which are full of cancer-causing ingredients. Especially when we burn the meat on wood or coal, it produce hydrocarbons that increases risk of developing cancer.

Farmed Fish

When you compare farmed fish with wild fish, it is important to know which one is worse. So, here is the answer- farmed fish contains a lot of chemical pollutants which cause many diseases, even cancer.


Genetically Modified Organisms are popular among people, and almost all of us know that they should be removed from the daily diet.

Soda and Sport Drinks

Energy drinks or soda contain aspartame, sugar, dyes, corn syrup, all of which cause damages to the health. There is nothing healthy and beneficial in those drinks, only problems and diseases. So, stay away from them.

Processed Food

The processed foods are rich with preservatives, which are known to increase the risk of developing stomach cancer. Also, the processed food contain colors, sugars, white flours, all of which are cancer-causing agents.

Soy Protein Isolate

Even 90% of the grown soybeans in the United States are unhealthy, because they are not allowing the body to digest food in the proper way.

Smoked/Cured Food

Those types of food increase the risk of all cancer types, so it is better to avoid it. In the process of cooking food, the food lose its nutrients, and only the unhealthy ingredients stay. They cause damages to the health.