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Suzanne Somers Refused Chemotherapy and Healed Cancer Naturally

In this video, Harry Smith talks with the actress Suzanne Somers about her new book “Knockout” on alternative cancer treatments, a book that has caused many controversies. She was diagnosed with an inoperable full-body cancer, so she decided to take matters in her own hands and started interviewing doctors and their patients in order to find an alternative solution.

Scientists Discover THIS Oil Destroys 90% Of Colon Cancer Cells

According to the American Cancer Society’s predictions, this year there will be 95,270 new cases of colon cancer diagnosed in the United States. The common way to treat the disease is by undergoing chemo, surgery or radiation that, unfortunately, have tons of negative side-effects. Luckily, recent study shows that there is a safer, natural way of treating the disease. For many, hearing that coconut oil is potent enough to fight off cancer is nothing new because it has been considered as a superfood for some time thanks to its many health properties.

Research reveals insights into genetics behind common blood cancer

Scientists have identified how an inherited genetic variant, associated with an increased risk of developing the most common type of leukaemia, helps cancer cells survive. The findings by researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research, London could lead to new ways to target the disease. Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) is a slowly progressing and incurable form of cancer that affects blood-producing cells in the bone marrow. It is diagnosed in over 4,000 people each year in the UK.

Woman Reveals A Miracle Story Of Beating Cancer With The Help Of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

My name is Katherine Keys. Due to asbestos exposure, I have been fighting mesothelioma cancer for the past 9 years. My exposure came from doing years of wiring work for Texas Power and Lighting Company.

Mother beats cancer with juicing after told she only had two weeks to live!

When becoming a parent, your life changes and you start being responsible for another life. Then you realize that you cannot do a lot of things you used to. Each parent has a need to be there for their child, especially while it is young as it falls on the parents to help it understand the world. This woman Natasha Grindely, a 37-year-old mother of 2 from Liverpool was diagnosed with stomach cancer which spread to her lymph nodes, neck and almost the entire abdomen. She was told that she had less than a month to live. However, she felt the need she was yet to be beat.

Look What Coconut Oil Did To Colon Cancer Cells In Just Two Days

Colon cancer: it’s one of the most common cancers among both men and women, and although a number of natural remedies have been linked to the prevention of this disease, government health authorities are quick to mention that not enough research has been done to warrant prescribing them. This is a common theme when it comes to using food as medicine and the science behind it. It’s unfortunate that science today is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, and that most of the research received by physicians in the Western world comes directly from pharmaceutical companies.

After Chemo Failed Him, This Dad ‘Illegally” Cured Himself Of Terminal Cancer Using Cannabis Oil

In July 2012, David Hibbitt was diagnosed with bowl cancer and was given only 18 months to live. Yet, he is alive and cancer free thanks to cannabis oil as he claims. He underwent all three conventional treatments – chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, but they all shown to be ineffective. Being 33 years old and a father of one, he wasn’t ready to give in to the disease and continued to seek for help and thanks to a friend of his, he was recommended cannabis oil.

A 29-Year Study Has Found No Link Between Brain Cancer and Cellphones

If, and by how much cellphones increase the risk of brain cancer is a long and disputed argument. No one study is going to settle anything, but one statistical analysis of data in Australia hints at cellphones being reasonably safe. The study examines the incidence of brain cancer in the Australian population between 1982 to 2013. The study pitted the prevalence of mobile phones among the population—starting at 0 percent—against brain cancer rates, using data from national cancer registration data.

It’s Not Cancer: Doctors Reclassify a Thyroid Tumor

An international panel of doctors has decided that a type of tumor that was classified as a cancer is not a cancer at all.

As a result, they have officially downgraded the condition, and thousands of patients will be spared removal of their thyroid, treatment with radioactive iodine and regular checkups for the rest of their lives, all to protect against a tumor that was never a threat.

Research findings could lead to treatment for deadly brain cancer

A team of Ottawa researchers have discovered an important piece of the puzzle that could lead to better treatment for glioblastoma, the deadliest form of brain cancer.

The discovery could lead to future therapies that would offer some hope to glioblastoma patients, for whom current treatments are limited, at best. Glioblastoma is resistant to both radiation and chemotherapy, and is difficult to remove during surgery. As a result, most people diagnosed with the brain cancer survive just 16 months.