After Chemo Failed Him, This Dad ‘Illegally” Cured Himself Of Terminal Cancer Using Cannabis Oil

In July 2012, David Hibbitt was diagnosed with bowl cancer and was given only 18 months to live. Yet, he is alive and cancer free thanks to cannabis oil as he claims. He underwent all three conventional treatments – chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, but they all shown to be ineffective. Being 33 years old and a father of one, he wasn’t ready to give in to the disease and continued to seek for help and thanks to a friend of his, he was recommended cannabis oil.

“Good friends had actually informed me about marijuana oil and I dismissed it in the beginning. I’ve never enjoyed drugs. But in February in 2014 I was informed I only had 18 months to 5 years to live, and I felt I needed to attempt everything I could. I felt like the chemo was killing me and I had absolutely nothing to lose. I couldn’t accept I was going to die,” said David for The Daily Mail.

“I pay around ₤ 50 for a gram from a bloke I understand who makes it” says David. “That lasts me about a month usually. It gets you quite high and knocks you for six, however it’s no place near as bad as chemotherapy. The pain just seemed to disappear and it appears to have done the job. I just want to make other individuals aware that there are other options out there.”

In 2013 right before Christmas he was told he’s cancer free, but only month later the cancer was back and this time on his lymph nodes. He underwent surgery and another round of chemo.

“This time they told me there had not been a lot they might do. In July, after doing a great deal of research study, I got some marijuana oil. I was having chemo, and I was getting to a point where I could not actually do much, I had no energy. In August I decided I ‘d had adequate and I was going to stop the chemotherapy.”

He underwent surgery in October 2013 and continued with the cannabis oil treatment, with additional chemo rounds. By January he was informed that the cancer is nowhere in sight.

Even though marijuana is not legal in most countries, people still risk and break the law trying to save their lives.

“We understand that cannabinoids– the active chemicals found in marijuana– can have a range of different results on cancer cells grown in the laboratory and animal growths. However at the moment there isn’t really excellent evidence from medical trials to show that they can safely and effectively alleviate cancer in clients. Regardless of this, some cancer patients do decide to treat themselves with marijuana extracts …

“Researchers are collecting patients’ experiences to develop a picture of whether these treatments are helping or not, although this is weak proof compared to properly-run clinical trials. Cancer Research UK is supporting scientific trials for alleviating cancer with cannabinoid-based drugs in order to collect solid information on whether they benefit people with cancer,” says Dr. Kat Arney of Cancer Research UK.

While scientists and specialists argue whether the oil is powerful in treating cancer, people around the world can’t afford the luxury of waiting for their official approval. That’s why patients like David himself reach for cannabis oil treatment without second thought.